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Designing Optics Using CODE V




    Julie Bentley and Don O'Shea have teamed up to write a text on optical design using Synopsys' CODE V®. Drawing from their experiences teaching optical design at the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester and Georgia Tech, they have constructed a set of examples and demonstration that illustrate the important concepts that define and describe most optical systems. Then, based on this knowledge, they describe the techniques that are used to improve system performance. They conclude by describing the design process required to meet a required performance and its tolerancing to assure that the final system can built with an acceptable yield.

    Dr. Bentley is Professor at The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester and has been teaching courses in geometrical optics, optical design, and product design for more than 20 years. Her expertise is in the optical design and tolerancing of precision optical assemblies. Prior to joining the the Institute of Optics full-time, she headed the commercial technology team at Corning Tropel that served as the link between the customer and the research and development groups. Based on this experience she established a successful optical design consulting business (Bentley Optical Design), where she designs lens systems for a wide variety of applications ranging from cutting edge medical devices to military and consumer optics.

    Dr. O'Shea is an Emeritus Professor of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has taught a courses on lens design and optical fabrication at the undergraduate level. His text, Element of Modern Optical Design (Wiley, 1985) was based on his lens design course.

        The Preface, Table of Contents, and Introduction to the text are available on the next four pages. Click the banner at the bottom of the page or the link at the top.