Two Weeks in Scotland


    Some time ago, our friends offered to let us stay in their flat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although, we had taken a group tour the previous September to Trento in North of Italy, the prospect of a solo trip in wake of COVID was appealing. So, in late May, 2023, we took them up on their offer and booked a trip there. Below are a few of our pictures with comments from Helen’s travel journal

Eight Years Later...

    The plane left at 10:55 PM after a sendoff at the gate with a bagpiper and a kilted dancer. We didn’t understand its importance until we got to Edinburgh. When our plane landed about 11:15 AM Edinburg, they told us that this was Delta’s direct first flight there in eight years.The plane was greeted on the runway by firetrucks on both sides of the plane and it was sprayed with water, as sort of a baptism

Tagging and Bagging

   We put AirTags in our suitcases. When we landed, we checked on our phones, Donald’s suitcase was located 0.1 mile from where we were in baggage claim. And according to her phone, Helen’s was 4000 miles from us. There was panic. However, we decided to wait until every blessed bag was delivered to the Terminal. We were greatly relieved to see that the last bag off was hers. The panic ended.

Some of our favorite pictures