About Us
Name: Don O’Shea
Profession: Retired Physics Professor
Birthday: November 14, 1938
Born in: Akron Ohio
Favorite vacation: Australia and New Zealand
Current Activities: Writer on Optical Engineering 
                    Graphic Arts, Gardening,
Proud of: Our children and granddaughters and the Optics
            Discovery Kit that I designed.
Photo Albums 
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Our Granddaughters

Australia, New Zealand, Fall 2003

Fortnight in Italy, Spring 2005

Our Gardens

The O’Shea Family

We have four children, they are:

  1. Kathy, wife of Peter David, “Writer of Stuff” and mother of Caroline. Kathy has a blog, “No Strings Attached” that chronicles the David household, puppetry, dollmaking, and science fiction conventions. She lives on Long Island.

  2. Sean, husband of Rozana. Executive in an Atlanta software firm and a practicing blacksmith. His works can be seen at his web site.

  3. Sheila, daughter, and new owner of her own digs in Atlanta. She blogs as Cyberfish.

  4. Patrick, husband of Carrie, and father of Genevieve. Scientist at Redstone Arsenal doing research on detectors. They live in Huntsville, Alabama. His web page features Genevieve in her various activities

Links to our children’s web pages are shown with maroon characters.

Name: Helen Spustek O’Shea
Profession: Retired Nurse Educator
Birthday: March 5, 1937
Born in: Martins Ferry, Ohio
Favorite vacation spot: Pienza, Italy
Current Activities: Teaching nurses to to teach nursing., gardening, and gourmet cooking.
Proud of: Our children and granddaughters, overseeing         
            the creation of a new nursing curriculum for 
            the country of Georgia
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