Having done the “Big Town,” we visited the Palladian Villa Foscari, just outside Venice. This was the first time we had seen a building by Andrea Palladio. Prior to this, our experience had been limited to a visit to Mr. Jefferson’s version, Monticello.  From the classy exterior to the two-storey main salon to the beautiful symmetry of the building, also know as La Malcontenta, was a revelation. From there went to Padua, which claims to be the oldest city in northern Italy.

Palladio and Padua

Villa Foscari (Google Maps),12.201572&z=18&t=h&hl=enPadua_files/Villa%20Foscari.kmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

Basilica of St. Anthony (detail) (1)