Olympic Rain Forest and the Gardens of British Columbia
  1. Bullet March 22 Lake Quinault

  2. Bullet March 23 Lake Crescent and the Pacific Beaches

  3. BulletMarch 24 Butchart Gardens

  4. Bullet March 25 UBC Botanical and Van Dusen Gardens

  5. Bullet March 26 Minter Gardens

  6. Bullet About us

After disembarking from the Sea Bird, we picked up a car in Portland and headed North through a series of driving rainstorms...things didn’t look good. But in the Pacific Northwest the sun will show up when you least expect it. Our itinerary, which can be glimpsed below, was intended to allow us to see some of the Olympic Rain Forest and Pacific beaches, then take the ferry over to Vancouver Island to Butchart  Gardens. From there another ferry ride to Vancouver, to see three other gardens. Our last day was spent with some friends and colleagues in Bellingham, WA before we flew back to Atlanta. Click the pictures to take you to one of the days and the buttons at the bottom of the pages.

Traveling North